To the members of Sport Aurora


I have been and will continue to be an advocate for sports in Aurora. I see it as an obligation of our elected officials to provide their citizens with opportunities to engage in sport and fitness activities and assure that facilities exist that are accessible and well maintained.

My family makes use of many of the facilities in Aurora.  I am familiar with the good work of several of your members. I am a father of two young girls who are on soccer, rugby, hockey teams and participate in gymnastics and swimming programs offered by our town. Whenever I can, I volunteer to assist in coaching their teams, but their ability to play is rapidly outpacing my ability to coach.

I appreciate the existence of Sport Aurora and am glad that there is an organization that can forward the ideas and concerns of its membership with one united voice.

Sport Aurora serves our community not only by encouraging our citizens to participate in a healthy lifestyle but also highlighting that with proper support sports can be an economic stimulus for our town.

I agree with the Sport Aurora mandate, in particular the goal of becoming Canada’s most active community. That is not a goal that is easily achieved but definitely a goal worth pursuing.

Speaking to how can we make sports participation affordable and accessible to as many individuals as possible? I would be willing to work on developing concrete, objective strategies to keep the cost of fees as low as feasibly possible, increase corporate sponsorship, continue to improve existing infrastructure and develop new facilities / programming that will benefit all citizens of Aurora.

I will share with your membership one of the sport facility related issues that I have been paying close attention to.  I am referring to the future development of the Magna properties along Wellington. The land on the south side of Wellington will be developed between the SARC and Bayview Ave. This means we are losing a massive green space currently used for summer soccer programs. Those fields are one of my favourite showcases of our community’s commitment to athletics, a living billboard showcasing the youth of Aurora at play. 

If it is possible to recreate a facility that offers similar accommodation for the players and comparable social opportunities for the hundreds of parents who meet on a weekly basis to “hang out” while watching their children play, I would be committed to that task. I am hoping it will be possible to maintain the current level of participation in our youth soccer programs when the Magna fields are gone. A link to the proposed development on Wellington below.

I will always champion and support participation in any type of physical activity regardless of one’s age, gender, cultural or socio-economic background.  I grew up playing soccer, rugby, football, and hockey. I continue to stay active by swimming and biking.  I would like to be able to provide the current and future generations of Aurorans with the same opportunities to experience the joy and benefits from participation in sport that I have.

Ian Clark