About Me



My first time in Aurora was in the late 1980’s when I attended St. Andrews College.  In high school, I was interested in sports and was part of the football, rugby and hockey team.  It gave me an appreciation of the benefits of sports, not only the physical benefits but the philosophy of team sports.  Being a member of a team, the value of team work, and how to work selflessly with others to achieve common goals.

To help fund my post-secondary education I worked as a tree planter in Northern Ontario for several years during the summer breaks.  It was hard but rewarding work.  In 5 years, I estimate, I planted more than 700,000 trees which would create a forest of approximately 6.5 square kilometers, something I am very proud of.  Professionally for the past 15 years I have been working in IT as a Consultant and Systems Architect for several large companies both National and Multi National creating systems to support the Residential, Commercial and Automotive branches of the insurance industry.  In 2002 my company relocated to Markham from Toronto.  I took that opportunity to move to Aurora with my wife.  We have lived here ever since and are raising two young daughters.  

In my spare time, I like to train for short distance triathlons to stay in shape.  You may see me in town biking up and down St. John’s Side Road or swimming a few nights a week at the aquatic center.