Ian Clark for Aurora Council, APL All Candidates Meeting

Preserve our green spaces

I propose that the impact to the environment from increased development is kept to a minimum and that remaining green spaces in and around Aurora are preserved to maintain the natural beauty of the region that attracted so many residents to live here.

A Healthy Community

I will encourage  people of all ages to participate in physical activity and promote physical fitness in our community.  To maintain quality of life, independence for seniors and social opportunities for the young and old alike.

Our Town History

I want to ensure that our identity is not lost.  We don’t want to become just a subdivision on the side of a highway.  The rich history of our town and unique architecture of our older buildings should be preserved, and whenever possible integrated into new development projects.  I am in favour of continual review of our bylaws to ensure the character and charm of our established neighborhoods are preserved. 

Aurora Sports

I grew up playing sports.  I enroll my children in swimming, hockey, soccer, gymnastics and rugby programs.  I see sports not only as excellent physical and social opportunities for members of our community but also, coupled with proper facilities, accommodations and marketing as a potential economic benefit to Aurora.